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do or die

Submitted by gone42long on Fri, 11/11/2005 - 09:43.

my name is tony. i chose the name gone42long because thats just it for me. i have been gone 4 2 long. my first time using cocaine i was 16 years old. the first time i smoked it was on my 18th birthday. soon after that, slowly but surely i saw my life start to fall apart. 15 years i have been using. twice since i've been using have i known true sobriety. the first time is when i did a year in prison and the second is when i went to stay with family for a few months. the last time i used was last night. will i do it again tonight. i doubt it cause i am broke, but i know as soon as i get some money i'll be heading to the dopeman.

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