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A Little of This or That . . .

Submitted by Maximus on Fri, 11/11/2005 - 13:23.

Hi Everyone! Thanks for the opportunity that was created to share thoughts about 12 Step experiences or better yet recovery . . . I'm sure we can all share some 12 Step experiences here and there . . .

Suffice it to say, that I believe that without the 12-Step Program of Recovery, I would still be needling myself to death on crystal meth.

Life or new life as it has been given to me had been wonderous, with some of the most incredible moments of my life. Just moments at times when you finalize realize what all the gurus, experts, doctors and Buddhists have been talking about - brief glimpses of Nirvana.

I am past the point of being emersed in the 12 Steps; it no longer gives me the level of spirituality I need. Instead, I have discovered that I find those things in the people around me, in the experiences I have and in God's great world. I am keeping in "fit spiritual condition"; just not in the way the Big Book suggests any more and for me it's even a bigger payoff, because I live life on life's terms

More later, gotta go.

Hi Darrel:

Thanks for your message; really I'm doing both; prayer and meditation without fail each and everyday; more meditation during the day and there's been a shift in my perspective. Huge amounts of gratitude have started flowing into my life. I have also become involved in the church I go to and it has helped me to reaffirm all that is positive and good in my life. I have had a definite shift in my perspective and it seems to have elevated me into "a higher plane of existence."

Maximus (Michael)

Submitted by Maximus on Mon, 11/21/2005 - 12:11.

Are there specific things you're doing to keep in "fit spiritual condition" or is it more of a change in perspective that's framing your daily life in a more mindful way?

Submitted by Darrel on Sun, 11/13/2005 - 06:39.

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