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And it really does get better

Submitted by amymarie on Mon, 07/10/2006 - 07:43.

So as I previously stated, Love is a drug...
But yesterday I took the advice (or suggestions rather) of my friends and my sponsor and I didn't call or text or have any contact...and guess what!
I didn't die. In fact I found productive activities (service work and meetings etc) to fill my time. I really didn't think it would be so easy, but in fact it was.

I feel wonderful today. I feel hopeful that I will learn new behaviors and continue to stay clean and learn to stay centered. It will take time, but I have that. I have plenty of that.

I spent my weekend wrapped in continuing fellowship. I went with some friends to an NA fucntion and we had a blast without! I have had fun in recovery, but always with someone on my arm to pet me and validate me...I had me this weekend. And all the validation I received came from the loving hand of NA.
Glad to be breathing this morning, and glad to have a place to remind myself of that.

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