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My Birthday

Submitted by ButterflyKisses on Mon, 01/23/2006 - 22:17.

22 days clean.

Yes. Today I turned 15. I didn't really do much for my Birthday. I went for a plane ride with my mom's boyfriend. It wasn't your typical plane. It looks more like a huge motorized kite with two seats. That's right - no walls or windows. It was crazy. We soared over the Rose Valley hills about 1,300 feet. Totally Crazy.

I wanted my friend to come with, but her dad wouldn't let her. I suspect if he ever saw the structure of the 'plane' he wouldn't let her go in one of those things in a million years. My Grandma was mad when I got back. She didn't know where I was and was angry. She doesn't like my Mom's boyfriend. Neither do I though. He needs help. But I will leave it at that.

Of all the people that could of made a difference today would of been my Boyfriend, and he didn't even come see me. He had an after-school dentist appointment but mostly because my Grandma doesn't know we are dating and would flip if she knew. Because everything she "think's" is going on, IS. So basicly he only comes to see me when my Grandma's at work and know she would cringe if she knew. But I'm me, it's nothing new and I'm staying safe so she should get off my case. That's what I think. We still talked on messenger though and he wished me Happy Birthday - after I hinted it to him.

I've still been going to school everyday since my last court date. I've 1-minute late a few times and today I came an hour late but I'm telling you it is a big improvement from only going 3 times a week. But I guess my Grandma doesn't think so. She gets so angry.. all the time. Well I guess my boyfriend is really depressed, so I think I better go talk to him.

The plane ride sounds like a pretty unique way to spend your birthday. Welcome to the site and congrats on making it past the 3 week mark!

Submitted by Darrel on Mon, 01/23/2006 - 22:42.

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