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Sobering Thought

An Online Community for Substance Addicts

About Us

Submitted by Darrel on Tue, 11/01/2005 - 04:38.

What is Sobering Thought?

We've created this space for a specific purpose: We believe writing is therapeutic and that becoming a part of and interacting in this community and sharing your experiences will not only help you, but also give you the chance to help others.

Within the site, you can participate in discussions with others in message forums and chat, as well as maintain your own personal blog, an online journal to record and share your ups and downs as you progress towards your goals.

Whether your addicted to crystal meth, want to stop smoking marijuana everyday, or feel like you won't be able to cope without your antidepressants, there's a space for you here. If you have an idea for a new message forum, just let us know!

Sobering Thought is truly anonymous. No one ever has to see your face, only your words. It is our hope that this will encourage honest, frank discussion and perhaps be of help to those who aren't yet comfortable with going to meetings or otherwise being public about their process.

Please read the Site Rules and abide by them.

All that is required to signup is a username of your choice and a valid email address. You are not required to create a user profile and we will not sell your information.

Once you're signed up, the best place to start is the Create Content menu. If you ever have any questions, there's a message forum for Web Site Help or you can send an email to the Site Admin.

Thanks for joining us and good luck!

Darrel, I am not sure I belong here, but I think that you left a message on my blog about a post that I did on my brother's recovery from meth addiction. I am happy that you started this site. This drug (Crystal Meth) sucks. We need to educate, prevent and eradicate this drug from our society. I am not an addict myself, but I do believe I am co-dependant and in addition to my brother, my mom is a recovering alcoholic. So anyway, I just wanted to say "Awesome Job!" Good luck in this fight against addiction.

Submitted by shellimil on Tue, 12/20/2005 - 08:20.

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