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casual, maybe

Submitted by FoggyMess on Thu, 02/02/2006 - 14:11.

It hit me this morning when I got a nose bleed from brushing my teeth- I may not be a casual user any more. I get high on something just about every night. A little drunk, stoned, pills, amped... what ever. I keep a job and I'm young enought not to show any signs so you would not be able to tell by looking at me- I use that fact to fool myself in to beileving that everything is ok. I want to stop now, at this moment, but when a line is offered or I'm at a party my choice changes- I use again. I feel my mind slipping, my body suffering and my heart hurting from years of 'casual use' but the will to change escapes me.

to accept love

Submitted by sickntired on Sun, 01/29/2006 - 00:06.

Today after about 100 days clean and sober and not having had too many cravings, I was "this" close to using. And all because of three little letters: s-e-x. Actually, if I dug deeper, I'd have to say it was because of boredom. And if I dug deeper still, I'd recognize that it was really due to loneliness, a condition I'm beginning to understand and believe results from a "faulty" spiritual connection.

My Birthday

Submitted by ButterflyKisses on Mon, 01/23/2006 - 22:17.

22 days clean.

Yes. Today I turned 15. I didn't really do much for my Birthday. I went for a plane ride with my mom's boyfriend. It wasn't your typical plane. It looks more like a huge motorized kite with two seats. That's right - no walls or windows. It was crazy. We soared over the Rose Valley hills about 1,300 feet. Totally Crazy.

I wanted my friend to come with, but her dad wouldn't let her. I suspect if he ever saw the structure of the 'plane' he wouldn't let her go in one of those things in a million years. My Grandma was mad when I got back. She didn't know where I was and was angry. She doesn't like my Mom's boyfriend. Neither do I though. He needs help. But I will leave it at that.

News and Resources

Submitted by Frank on Thu, 01/12/2006 - 00:39.

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Write to be free ~

A Little of This or That . . .

Submitted by Maximus on Fri, 11/11/2005 - 13:23.

Hi Everyone! Thanks for the opportunity that was created to share thoughts about 12 Step experiences or better yet recovery . . . I'm sure we can all share some 12 Step experiences here and there . . .

Suffice it to say, that I believe that without the 12-Step Program of Recovery, I would still be needling myself to death on crystal meth.

Life or new life as it has been given to me had been wonderous, with some of the most incredible moments of my life. Just moments at times when you finalize realize what all the gurus, experts, doctors and Buddhists have been talking about - brief glimpses of Nirvana.

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