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March 2, 2009

Obama aims big with healthcare drive (AFP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 15:47
AFP - President Barack Obama on Monday launched a high-stakes drive to remake US healthcare, in his latest attempt to ensure his sweeping agenda is an antidote to and not a victim of the economic crisis.

Alcohol abuse may lead to depression: study (Reuters)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 15:07
Reuters - Excessive alcohol drinking may increase the risk of depression, a long-term study conducted over 25 years in New Zealand has found.

Treating substance abuse and depression effective (Reuters)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 11:17
Reuters - People with substance abuse problems who are also depressed may benefit from psychotherapy that addresses both issues -- but trying to treat substance abuse and anxiety at the same time isn't effective, and may even be harmful, a Danish researcher reports

Health Tip: How Serious is Your Asthma Attack? (HealthDay)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 11:04
HealthDay - (HealthDay News) -- If you have an asthma attack, it's important to be able to judge its severity.

Teens Undertreated for Substance Abuse (HealthDay)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 11:04
HealthDay - MONDAY, March 2 (HealthDay News) -- Only about 10 percent of the 1.4 million American teens with substance abuse problems receive treatment, according to a new study.

Brain study sheds light on decision-making process (AFP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 09:09
AFP - Everyday actions such as sending an email or eating a sandwich are governed in the brain by a cascade of decision-making that runs from abstract to concrete, rather as in a large corporation, a new study has shown.

March 1, 2009

Obama taps Kansas governor for health secretary (AFP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 02:16
AFP - US President Barack Obama has tapped Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius to be his health secretary to carry out his ambitious healthcare reform program, the White House said.

'No regret' for Afghanistan veteran double amputee (AFP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 01:03
AFP - His military career came to a brutal halt when an improvised bomb on an Afghan road tore both of his legs off.

February 27, 2009

Hormone Drug May Help Drinkers Stay Sober (HealthDay)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 18:03
HealthDay - FRIDAY, Feb. 27 (HealthDay News) -- A pill normally prescribed to help with infertility and menstrual disorders may also help treat alcoholism, a new study says.

Philippines to slaughter 6,000 pigs for Ebola Reston (AFP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 14:52
AFP - The Philippine government will slaughter 6,000 pigs on a farm near Manila where the Ebola-Reston virus has been found in the animals and its antibodies in humans, health officials said Friday.

February 26, 2009

Malaysian field hockey team orders its smokers to quit (AFP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 23:46
AFP - Tests have shown there are 10 smokers among the Malaysian national hockey team and they have been ordered into rehab as the country attempts to revive its fortunes, according to a report.

February 25, 2009

Genes May Help Drive Rotator Cuff Injury (HealthDay)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 15:03
HealthDay - WEDNESDAY, Feb. 25 (HealthDay News) -- Genes may boost the odds of developing rotator cuff problems, according to new research that finds the shoulder injury running in families.

February 24, 2009

US soldier killed in police attack in Iraq (AP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 15:11
AP - Two Iraqi policemen opened fire Tuesday during a U.S. military inspection visit in northern Iraq, killing one American soldier and an interpreter in an attack that deepened worries of possible infiltration of security forces battling insurgents in their last major base.

Leeches help save Australian shark victim's hand (AFP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 02:24
AFP - Surgeons who used leeches to reattach the severed hand of an Australian surfer mauled by a great white shark on Sydney's Bondi Beach Tuesday hailed the operation as a "minor miracle."

February 23, 2009

Moving nation from sick care toward wellness care (AP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 14:56
AP - Popping a pill can cut your cholesterol. But did the doctor also prescribe cutting the stress that's eroding your immune system? Or teach you how to exercise without worsening painful joints?

February 20, 2009

Gene Variant Tied to Severity of Drinking (HealthDay)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 22:47
HealthDay - FRIDAY, Feb. 20 (HealthDay News) -- A variation in one gene may explain why some people are more heavily dependent on alcohol than are others.

1 in 10 Ex-NFL Players Used Steroids, Poll Reports (HealthDay)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 08:01
HealthDay - FRIDAY, Feb. 20 (HealthDay News) -- Nearly 1 in 10 retired National Football League players polled in a confidential survey said they had used now-banned anabolic steroids while still playing.

February 19, 2009

Drug abuse among U.S. teenagers drops: U.N. (Reuters)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 16:31
Reuters - In the United States, the world's largest market for illicit drugs, the number of teenagers abusing them fell between 2001 and 2007, the United Nations said on Thursday.

February 18, 2009

Nausea Drug Shows Promise Against Opioid Addiction (HealthDay)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 08:02
HealthDay - WEDNESDAY, Feb. 18 (HealthDay News) -- A drug currently used to treat nausea can prevent symptoms of withdrawal from illegal and prescription opioid drugs such as heroin, morphine and codeine, a new study shows.

February 17, 2009

AIDS China's deadliest infectious disease: govt (AFP)

Source: Yahoo! Health @ 21:45
AFP - AIDS has become China's deadliest infectious disease for the first time, the government said, with figures showing at least one person died on average every hour in the first nine months of last year.

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